"Legion of Super-Heroes: "Brande Speaks"": Brainiac 5 travels back to the 20th Century in a Time Bubble and picks up Superboy. They go forward to the 31st Century where the [[Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour)|The Legion of Sup

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René Jacques Brande

Adventure Comics #516 is an issue of the series Adventure Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2010. It was published on July 14, 2010.

Appearing in Legion of Super-Heroes: "Brande Speaks"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:



  • Cockroaches (Parcoblatta Pennsylvanica)
  • Hydrogen-Fusion Attractor (Flashback only)
  • Legion Flight Ring
  • Yorrigan Fever


Synopsis for Legion of Super-Heroes: "Brande Speaks"

Brainiac 5 travels back to the 20th Century in a Time Bubble and picks up Superboy. They go forward to the 31st Century where the The Legion of Super-Heroes listens to R.J. Brande's pre-mortem holographic recording, detailing the origins of the Legion and the disbursement of his wealth.

As a child born on war-ravaged Durla, Brande was a shape-shifter who wanted desperately to leave. His inspiration was Superman, though when he copied Superman's form he did not manifest his powers. Eventually Brande did find a form that was able to leave Durla; and he used his Durlan knowledge to create technology that would ignite red-dwarf stars and became rich.

Brande freed a few Durlans, including his progeny Chameleon Boy, but didn't like the air of intolerance on 31st Century Earth. Again, Superman was his inspiration for tolerance, and he launched a system of financial grants for research into time-travel until Circadia Senius and Brainiac 5 created the Time Bubble. On his way to view the finished machine, Brande shared a flight with Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl -- who saved his life from Durlan assassins. They became a team, brought Superboy to the 31st Century and then became a family.

Brande loved the Legion like children -- though he didn't always show it -- and left his fortune to them. Even Brainiac 5.

Appearing in The Atom: "Nucleus part 1: Splitting the Atom"

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  • Ivy Town
    • Hospital
    • Library (Mentioned only)
  • The Calulator's Lair
  • Oracle's Control Room
  • Canada
  • Turkey (As Cell Phone Signal)


  • Russian Satellite

Synopsis for The Atom: "Nucleus part 1: Splitting the Atom"

The Atom's father is in the hospital -- the victim of a stroke -- and the Atom feels helpless. So Ray concentrates on finding whomever broke into his lab and stole his tech, and he goes to confront The Calculator.

Ray asks Oracle to set up a sting, and when the Calculator answers the phone call, the Atom leaps into the cell data stream and surfs the phone line. He bounces across numerous connections before exiting in Kuttler's lair.

The Calculator is surprised, but not unprepared. He delays Ray for a few seconds before the Atom falls to the floor, victim of a pathogen that the Calculator is immune to. He gives the Atom a choice -- leave or die.


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