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"Batman Meets Jerry": Witch Kraft's aunt is sick, so Kraft goes to stay with her aunt for a week or two.

Adventures of Jerry Lewis #97 is an issue of the series Adventures of Jerry Lewis (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 1966. It was published on September 20, 1966.

Synopsis for "Batman Meets Jerry"

Witch Kraft's aunt is sick, so Kraft goes to stay with her aunt for a week or two.

Renfrew watches the Batman TV show and decides that he and Jerry should be crime fighters. He puts together costumes and they become Ratman and Rotten, the Boy Blunder! Whilst practicing roof racing, a neighbor calls the police and they are taken to police headquarters, but as they are just another pair of nuts trying to imitate Batman and Robin, the police turn them loose.

Back home, the costumed criminal the Kangaroo mistakes their house for the Whirbly mansion, hops down the chimney, finds they don't have one, crashes into Renfrew's room, assumes Renfrew is the Whirbly kid and nabs him instead of the family jewels. When Ratman/Jerry tries to stop him, he knocks himself out with a Rat-arang and wakes up tied and gagged.

Jerry is rescued by Batman and Robin, who have already helped Catman and Kitten (who got hung up in a tree), Fatman and Tubbin (who tried to enter the Lincoln tunnel simultaneously and got stuck), Flatman and Ribbon - the Taped Crusaders - (who nearly hung themselves) and Sadman and Sobbin' - the Crying Crime-fighters - (who almost drowned in their own tears). After solving a clue (Jerry heard the Kangaroo say "Now back to my hideout at 37 Ranger Street") the three take the Batmobile to Kangaroo's Hideout at 37 Ranger Street.

Renfrew has convinced the Kangaroo and his son Gregory that they should steal things that are easy to sell. As the trio arrive, the villains leave to kidnap movie star Tuesday Moore. They are interrupted, but escape in their Kangerooplane, leaving a series of clues which lead to the Batman-Land amusement park.

Meanwhile, the American Society of Costumed Villains meeting (being held in Batman's head at Batman-Land) criticizes the Kangaroo for muffing 12 jobs in his first 24 hours. They all don kangaroo costumes (to frame the Kangaroo) and then attack Batman and Robin when they arrive. The real Kangaroo arrives with Tuesday Moore, just as the Joker is about to kill Jerry. He is saved when all of the fake kangaroos are magically attracted to mementos of old cases, as the Kangaroo is revealed to be Witch Kraft (and Gregory is Kraft's niece Zanyia), who did it all to teach Jerry that he couldn't get along without her.

Appearing in "Batman Meets Jerry"

Featured Characters:

  • Jerry Lewis (First appearance as Ratman)
  • Renfrew (First appearance as Rotten, the Boy Blunder)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Tuesday Moore (movie star)
  • Jerry's neighbor
    • Her husband Herman (Behind the scenes)
  • New hero duos inspired by the Batman TV show (Mentioned only)
    • Catman and Kitten
    • Fatman and Tubbin
    • Flatman and Ribbon
    • Sadman and Sobbin'
  • Witch Kraft's aunt (Mentioned only)
  • King Kong (Mentioned only)
  • Julie Newmar (Mentioned only)
  • Adam West (Mentioned only)
  • The Whirbly family (Mentioned only)
  • James Abbott McNeill Whistler and his parents (Mentioned only)


  • Police Headquarters
  • Snobbish Arms Hotel
  • Batman-Land[1]





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