"This Is My Life": Supergirl is fighting an alien called Rampage who just turned up and started wreaking havoc in National City Football Stadium. Kara's attempts to talk her down are ignored and Rampage keeps po

Quote1 The Danvers Family took me into their home the first day I arrived on Earth. I trusted them completely. But what if... What if one day I discovered someone in that family had broken that trust and kept secrets from me? And not for the first time...? Quote2

Adventures of Supergirl #1 is an issue of the series Adventures of Supergirl (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2016. It was published on May 11, 2016.

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Synopsis for "This Is My Life"

Supergirl is fighting an alien called Rampage who just turned up and started wreaking havoc in National City Football Stadium. Kara's attempts to talk her down are ignored and Rampage keeps pounding on her and growing stronger. Director Henshaw wants to send a backup squad in, but Supergirl doesn't want them get hurt, so she trades blows with Rampage until knocking her out. Right then a retrieval team lead by Supergirl's sister Alex Danvers arrives by helicopter. All of sudden, Rampage grabs Supergirl and throws her at the flying vehicle. Kara's invulnerable body shatters the rear propeller, and both the helicopter and Supergirl's sister go down.

Kara rushes to catch the helicopter and she manages to make it land relatively safely without tearing it apart or killing its passengers. Alex and her squad are injured but fine. Unfortunately, Rampage has escaped. However a teenager posted an online video of her smashing up a park.

Supergirl, Alex and a backup team arrive at the park and find Rampage has punched her way to the sewer system. Both sisters head into the sewers together. One hour later they haven't found anyone, and Alex states Rampage is hard to track down due to her ability to take on a human form. Kara remarks her sister seems to know a lot about Rampage, and there's a lot she isn't telling her. Alex reveals Rampage and her sister were one of her first missions, and Rampage's sister died because of her.

All of sudden, Rampage bursts through a wall and hurls Alex into the sewer. Supergirl takes off after her sister, but Rampage knocks her down and makes off with her. Far below, Alex swims out of the sewage and declares it is her turn now.

Supergirl comes around a while later. She finds herself caged and watched by Rampage, now shrunk back to her human shape. Rampage warns Supergirl can't break free because her cage is made from Inertron. Kara verifies she can't break it, but upon inspecting her cage, she finds a weak spot.

Meanwhile, Rampage reveals she was born Caren Falqnerr in planet Byr. Her family made a fortune out of Inertron trading. She and her sister Moyer were meant to take over their father's business one day, but Moyer didn't want to wait, so she talked Caren into poisoning their own father. They were caught and locked up in a cell in Fort Rozz. Twenty years later, Fort Rozz crashed into Earth and they escaped. Soon they discovered Earth's sun changed them into uncontrollable super-strong monsters. They went into hiding, but Moyer's attacks were more long-lasting, so Caren salvaged one of her cages from the wreckage of Fort Rozz and kept Moyer inside during her fits of rage. They survived for one decade until two years ago Moyer broke out of her cage and disappeared. Caren was never able to find her sister, but someone from Fort Rozz gave her three letters and one name: D.E.O and Danvers. So she rampaged National City to draw the D.E.O. out, and later she heard Alex telling her sister was dead.

In a fit of rage, Caren changes back into Rampage and attacks Supergirl. Right then, Alex and a D.E.O. squad burst into her lair. As an agent helps Supergirl break free, Alex shoots a dart at Rampage. Rampage trashes around in pain and tears her home's walls down. Her lair starts getting flooded, and Supergirl has to hurry up to get Alex and the D.E.O. agents out of the sewer system. Sadly, Rampage gets washed away by the waters.

Alex wants to hang out afterwards, but Supergirl is upset. Rampage helped commit a crime but she paid for it. She got stranded in an alien world and then she lost her only family. Still yet, she didn't actually kill anyone. Supergirl wanted to save her and failed. And now she has just found out her sister who she trusted completely still keeps secrets from her.

Kara asks Alex a little of space and flies away.


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