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"The Strange Case of the Smiling Computer": Two days after her battle against Rampage, Supergirl is taking a robber down when she is warned about men with guns barging in her workplace. Quickly she returns, changes

Quote1.png That's why Kal keeps his secret identity. To protect those he loves... but also to protect himself. Same reason people use screen names. Anonimity gives people power to do whatever they want-- both to those who would use it for good... and those who would use it to hurt others. Quote2.png

Adventures of Supergirl #2 is an issue of the series Adventures of Supergirl (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2016. It was published on May 25, 2016.

Synopsis for "The Strange Case of the Smiling Computer"

Two days after her battle against Rampage, Supergirl is taking a robber down when she is warned about men with guns barging in her workplace. Quickly she returns, changes clothes and finds out a S.W.A.T. team is arresting her friend Winn Schott. As he is being taken into custody, Winn admits he might have done something stupid but he states he can handle it and asks her to not intervene.

Later, Kara and James Olsen are starting Winn's computer. It turns out the police wants to question Winn about doxing-- stealing and publishing all of your personal information across the web as a means of bullying. Both friends are agreeing it doesn't sound like something Winn would do when a monitor suddenly boots and they are greeted by someone called V.R.I.L, who claims Winn was framed and he is a digital personal assistant created by Winn himself. Before Kara and Jimmy can inquiry further, Vril shows video recording of Winn being escorted by cops and warns the framer is making everyone believe Winn is a terrorist.

Supergirl swiftly leaves James, breaks Winn free and takes him to safety. When she tells him about his digital assistant's warnings, Winn reveals Vril Dox isn't a program but a talented hacker, and he has found information that proves Vril isn't human but Yodix.

Their talk is being watched by Vril, who now knows Supergirl's secret identity.

Kara wants to go to the D.E.O., but Winn takes her instead to another hacker's place. Rabiah Zinoman listens to their plight, accesses Winn's home computer and finds a prerecorded message from Vril. He is holding Jimmy hostage.

Supergirl flies back CatCo quickly and finds James has been hooked to every computer in the room. She hears Vril's voice taunting her she may damage James' brain if she pulls his wires too fast. He was warned about Supergirl being Winn's friend when he was hired to go after the latter, and now he intends to blackmail her. Supergirl refuses to submit and uploads a program scripted by Rabiah in his database. Vril's computers blow up and James is released.

Infuriated, Vril threatens to reveal her secret identity to the world. Winn and Rabiah track him down, and Supergirl quickly finds Vril, punches him out and rips off all wires linking his brain to his computers.

Later, the D.E.O. is taking Vril away. Alex Danvers feels her sister is troubled, and Kara explains she is wondering if pulling Dox's connection affected his memory or he still remembers her secret identity.

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