"Sister Mystery/Our Backs To The Wall": On the D.E.O. command center, several security guards have noticed Vril Dox knows when they are watching him actively. It's decided armed agents will be wat

Quote1 Alex and I came down here because of a mystery. We thought we were helping someone... But it was a lie. A trap. Someone has been sending Fort Rozz fugitives after me. Clue after clue, they led us right to this place. Led me and Alex right to her. Quote2

Adventures of Supergirl #4 is an issue of the series Adventures of Supergirl (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2016. It was published on June 22, 2016.

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Synopsis for "Sister Mystery/Our Backs To The Wall"

On the D.E.O. command center, several security guards have noticed Vril Dox knows when they are watching him actively. It's decided armed agents will be watching his cell at all times.

Meanwhile, Alex Danvers is driving her sister down to Mojave Desert. Supergirl goes over Rampage and Vril Dox's attacks to show Alex someone is targetting her, and then she narrates her mental war with Psi. As they make their way to an area where a remanent of Fort Rozz lies buried, Supergirl reveals she promised Psi to find and bury her physical remains so her spirit can move on.

Both sisters walk through a cordoned but empty area. The D.E.O. cleared and fenced the site and then left, but Supergirl's vision discovers they missed something. Kara digs up a hatch and both sisters go down to the tunnel.

Kara and Alex are promptly attacked by Kelex's guardian robots. Talking in Kryptonese, Supergirl finds out their purpose is guard Kara Zor-El. Shocked, Kara looks around and finds a room full of Sunstones and pictures of her Kryptonian and Earth family. Someone has been watching her for a very long time and knows everything about her. As Alex makes her best to reassure her sister, dozens of flying drones are advancing towards their position.

Supergirl and Alex are fighting a swarm of Kelex back-to-back. All of sudden Alex is abucted by a woman in a full-face helmet and bodysuit. Kara tries to reason with her to not avail. then Kara remarks she wears a Fort Rozz's guardswoman's uniform. The woman answers she isn't a guard but Facet.

It looks like Facet is going to kill Alex, so Supergirl attacks her. However, Facet is strong enough to fight back. Facet gets two drones seize Kara and claims she lured Kara into her lair to train her. Then she whispers something in her ear.

Alex can't understand Facet, but she throws a grenade. Kara hastily grabs her sister and flies them both out of the tunnels before Alex's bomb blows the place up. Once they manage to stand back up again, Kara reveals that Facet told her to ask her mother about her.


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  • Kara mentions Tarukor, an ancient Kryptonian meditation technique in the Pre-Crisis continuity.

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