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"Pieces/End Games/Breaking Point": Supergirl and Alex Danvers are going over Facet's attacks when the D.E.O.'s

Quote1.png Keep my mother's name out of your mouth. You made two mistakes today, Facet. The first was coming after my family... The second, giving me an hour to prepare. Whatever you think it is you're doing to me, strengthening me, whatever... This is the END. Quote2.png

Adventures of Supergirl #6 is an issue of the series Adventures of Supergirl (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2016. It was published on July 20, 2016.

Synopsis for "Pieces/End Games/Breaking Point"

Supergirl and Alex Danvers are going over Facet's attacks when the D.E.O.'s computers suddenly start emitting a piercing ultrasound. Supergirl screams and collapses right before Facet's face shows up in all monitors and announces all of them are going to die. Vril Dox has signaled their base's location and she has taken over their computers, which are emitting an intense frequency that can only be heard by Kryptonians and Byrians. Facet hints who she is going after next, and she disappears.

Rampage bursts in the base and attacks Kara and Alex. As Kara gets knocked out and Alex confronts Rampage, Facet kidnaps Eliza Danvers.

One hour later, Supergirl and Facet are facing each other, the former's mother standing mind-controlled next to Facet. Facet claims Supergirl is ready to be reformed now she has destroyed nearly all of her ties to her Earth's life. Supergirl replies Facet made two mistakes: coming after her family and giving her one hour to prepare. Then she attacks.

One hour before, Rampage is attempting to kill Alex. Alex tries to talk Rampage down, but Vril amps the ultrasound frequency to make her angrier. Though, he accidentally gets Kara come around, and she attacks Rampage. Supergirl tries to fight in spite of Vril's noise weakening her and driving Rampage madder and stronger. Martian Manhunter gets Vril shut up but Rampage is still strong enough to overpower her. Then Alex stands between them and explains Moyer's death was an accident. Moyer saved her life but they were found by another squad who thought Moyer was threatening her, and they fired before Alex could stop them. Alex apologizes for being unable to save her sister or find her. Caren bursts out in tears and changes back into human.

At the present time, Supergirl grabs Facet, flies to the edge of the atmosphere and lets her drop. Supergirl descends and keeps fighting a weakened Facet until Alex and Henshaw make their way to the battleground. Alex shatters Facet's body with Inertron's bullets, and Supergirl finally manages to take her down. Facet wants to hold Eliza hostage, but it turns out to be an illusion. Psi looked in Supergirl's mind, saw her real self, and in gratitude for Supergirl giving her a dignified burial, she deceived Facet. Facet resents to be brought in like a criminal, but Supergirl points out she is just that.

After turning Facet over, Kara reflects Facet was watching her since she arrived on Earth, she saw her build a life and thought she could tear it down to turn her into what she thought Kara's mother was. But she isn't her mother. Her parents died so she could live, and she won't dishonor their memory by living how someone else chooses for her.

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