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"Panic in the Sky! Epilogue - Hail the Conquering Heroes": Previously, Brainiac had unleashed his death radiation upon the heroes. But Guy and Maxima hatched a plan to defeat Brainiac. They penetrated the central chamber to launch a psychic assault on him. Maxima was successful in lobotomizing B

Adventures of Superman #489 is an issue of the series Adventures of Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1992.

Synopsis for "Panic in the Sky! Epilogue - Hail the Conquering Heroes"

Previously, Brainiac had unleashed his death radiation upon the heroes. But Guy and Maxima hatched a plan to defeat Brainiac. They penetrated the central chamber to launch a psychic assault on him. Maxima was successful in lobotomizing Brainiac after he was cut off from Warworld's systems.

Now, Metron wants to take Brainiac to New Genesis to study him. His quest for knowledge will progress with Brainiac as a weak sample. Orion brings the Overseer of Warworld. The Overseer tells that news of Brainiac's defeat has already spread among the populace. They bear no ill towards the heroes and terrans. Superman tells Overseer that Warworld must leave the solar system and return to its previous destination. Overseer promises to do so. Orion comes forward to put himself as the new ruler of Warworld. Lightray also wishes to remain alongside his friend. Maxima tries to coax Orion into letting her be his mate, but Orion has had enough of her. Guy Gardner takes the chance to impress Maxima and she accepts his proposal.

The remaining members of the space unit of heroes are busy in rescuing the victims of Brainiac's attacks, when Orion broadcasts his position as ruler of Warworld. Superman requests Lightray to generate a boom tube. Lightray does so and the gathered heroes step into the portal.

Back on Earth, Lex Luthor has organized a parade to honor the heroes for their sacrifices to save Earth. They aare being applauded when suddenly a boom tube opens and the remaining heroes come through. Lex Luthor hands over the podium to Superman. Superman begins with the incidents on Warworld, proceeding to the great teamwork exhibited by a reassembled Justice League. He adds the sacrifices made, ending with the mention of Draaga, who had made the greatest sacrifice for Earth, inspite not being one of Earth.

On the asteroid, Supergirl and the Cellkeeper bury Draaga beside the Cleric. Cellkeeper says that Draaga has gained great honor in sacrificing himself to save Supergirl. Supergirl voices her feelings about Draaga and recalls her past, saying that she will remain in the form of Kara-Zor-El and reside on Earth thereafter.

Emil Hamilton is working in his laboratory, when he sees the Isolation Chamber and recalls past events. Husque had teleported into this world and Jimmy was gone the first time they used the Chamber.

Jimmy Olsen comes back as full-time photographer of The Daily Planet. His recently taken pictures leave Perry White dumbstruck. Jimmy also gets a raise.

Mildred Krantz pays Emil a visit. She is uninterested in his work and slams a circuit board. This results in Emil being pulled into the Isolation Chamber. In horror, Mildred hits a button which turns on the machine, sending Emil into the unknown and pulling Husque into this dimension. Mildred faints at his hulking sight.

Emil has been transported into a different dimension. He sees a being named Flashpoint being threatened by some guards. Flashpoint can't speak his language but gestures Emil to run for his life. He too follows. One of Flashpoint's friends attack Emil and Flashpoint tries to hold him back. This momentary distraction causes Flashpoint in being wounded by a guard.

A vehicle appears and a man gestures Emil to bring Flashpoint inside. Emil starts talking with the man named Number One. One says that he knows Jimmy and is his father. He adds that Emil has fallen in the middle of a revolution.

Meanwhile, Husque is carrying the limp form of Mildred through the streets when some Team Luthor soldiers intercept him and ask him to surrender.

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  • This issue is triangle number 15/1992.
  • The collected edition of Panic in the Sky! included an additional page showing Supergirl departing from Draaga's grave.
  • Reprinted in Superman: Panic in the Sky (2016 Edition).

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This comic issue is a part of the "Panic in the Sky!" storyline that ran through alternating Superman titles in 1992. "Panic in the Sky!" involved the return of Brainiac who seized control of Warworld and used it to take punitive action against the planet Earth.

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