"Critical Condition, Part 2 of 4: Green Universe": Superman silently drifts in a green world. He cannot remember anything. All he wants is for it to end....

Adventures of Superman #580 is an issue of the series Adventures of Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2000.

Synopsis for "Critical Condition, Part 2 of 4: Green Universe"

Superman silently drifts in a green world. He cannot remember anything. All he wants is for it to end.... Blown by the explosion, Supergirl flies away and her wings ignite to her aid. They sense something, but before she can investigate she sees dozens of green Supermen attacking her.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Superman floats in his containment sphere as the Atom tries to uncover what happened to the ship. He can determine only one cause: sabotage.

Inside of Superman, Steel and Superboy survive the explosion of their craft yet to only to be blown into Superman's stomach, where they find the Kryptonite tumor. Superboy flies straight towards the growth, and almost breaks his hand on it.

In Monaco, La Encantadora and her newest boy toy drive along. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Deathstroke the Terminator appears. Slicing the car in half, he confronts Encantadora and prepares himself to kill her, when she teleports away. He quickly follows her.

Back inside Superman's body, Supergirl battles the green creatures. Breaking free, she flies towards Superman's brain. Opening her senses, she glimpses the crown chakra, the energy doorway that connects Clark to everything. Supergirl throws open her wings to let the power flow through her and into Clark, healing him. It instantly overwhelms her. The energy flows throughout Superman's body, and softens the tumor that Superboy and Steel are currently perched upon. Seizing Steel's hammer, Superboy proceeds to completely destroy the growth. In Clark's brain, Supergirl slowly fizzles out and falls as Superboy smashes the tumor.

In the Daily Planet, Lois is hard at work when suddenly Encantadora appears. Lois dives toward her as Deathstroke appears and begins to teleport away. Touching him, Lois, Encantadora, and Deathstroke all vanish.

Having destroyed the tumor, Superboy and Steel are pulled down further into Superman. Outside, a man appears in the lab, revealing to be John Henry Irons - the man supposed to be Steel is not actually him.

Supergirl awakes to see dozens of Kryptonite tumors descending onto Clark's brain.

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