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"The Doomsday Protocol": Superman lands on the moon and enters the JLA Watchtower. Entering through a pair of smashed doors, he finds the remains of what was once Shrapnel.

Quote1.png This is war. And you should consider yorself drafted, Superman. Quote2.png
President Lex Luthor

Adventures of Superman #594 is an issue of the series Adventures of Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2001.

Synopsis for "The Doomsday Protocol"

Superman lands on the moon and enters the JLA Watchtower. Entering through a pair of smashed doors, he finds the remains of what was once Shrapnel.

One hour earlier, Superman confronts President Lex Luthor about the use of the Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller and General Rock come right back at him with the information that they are at war, and the casualties are mounting. Luthor tells Superman that he has been drafted, and that he must go to the moon.

Superman continues through the tower. Opening a door he finds Chemo floating, gradually leaking his insides. He initiates the restoration of the artificial gravity and the villain begins drifting to the floor.

He thinks back to the White House where General Rock told him of the army's forces that they have guarding the White House, and the Blackhawk Air Corps flying the state-of-the-art fighters.

On the moon, Superman finds a beaten and unconscious Mongul on the ground. Suddenly he hears a voice and whirls around to find Manchester Black standing in the shadows. Manchester tells Kal that they were sent up to let loose the "Big Dog", and he had the worst temper that Black had ever encountered. Superman hears a moan and quickly rushes to find Steel, who sits on the ground, barely holding on to life. He tells Superman that it was his own choice to come up and free the beast. As Steel falls unconscious, Manchester tells Superman that it was his job to plant an image of Imperiex in Doomsday's mind. Then after announcing that he has nullified the control fluid in his spine he heads to the teleporters and disappears, destroying the tubes behind him.

Superman heads out into space, calling down to Luthor that Steel needs immediate help. As he heads toward the alien armada, he thinks about the pain that Doomsday has caused him. Kal arrives on the scene in time to see Doomsday punch straight through a probe, severing its head. Superman dives through its chest and leaves the behemoth destroyed. The former hunter and prey combine forces to tear through the dozens of probes, destroying one after another.

Superman then confronts the giant Imperiex-Prime. The cosmic being looks on Superman with distaste. With a mere gesture, he blasts Doomsday, removing the skin from his bones and leaving the once powerful berserker a glowing skeleton in space. Superman is shocked as the being once again raises his hand and fires. Imperiex stands triumphant. Superman streaks across the heavens, a burning fireball, before coming to a crash landing on Apokolips.

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