"Four on the Floor, Break Stuff": In space, a crew of astronauts find the gravity on Earth has disappeared. They are then cut off from Earth.

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Adventures of Superman #618 is an issue of the series Adventures of Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2003. It was published on July 9, 2003.

Synopsis for "Four on the Floor, Break Stuff"

In space, a crew of astronauts find the gravity on Earth has disappeared. They are then cut off from Earth.

Superman, high in the air, descends away from the Mxyzptlk twins, attempting to save people from flying into the atmosphere. He calls the JLA and gets The Flash on monitoring the global catastrophe. Superman then calls the Atom and tells him to meet him in the Fortress of Solitude.

The Mxy twins start playing word association with the chaos rising about them. On the west coast, reality is uncoiling. In Russia, Red Square falls apart. Themyscira is in disorder.

Superman and Atom, in the Fortress, ponder the White Dwarf Star that Atom has brought, and its scientific relation to gravity.

The Mxy twins talk about the relationship Mxy has always had with Superman, because the male doesn't seem to know. They decide that they no longer want to be a mere annoyance to Superman. They then decide to revise history, and magically make themselves the person who made Cole Parker the Persuader.

All over the world, many heroes tries to deal with the situation. Tempest and Green Arrow try to save people in their respective home towns. For some reason, they are able to stay on the ground and in the ocean, respectively. Green Lanterns John Stewart and Alan Scott encase the Earth in a green amber which is breathable but holds everything in place.

Superman holds the White Dwarf in his hands, and Atom explains how it can control Earth's gravity. Superman descends into the core of Earth, super-heats the White Dwarf, and gravity is restored. Although the gravitic pressure pounds Superman, but he manages to escape the core alive. Superman then takes the stranded astronauts back down to Earth just as their air is about to give out.

Superman later confront the Mxy twins and agrees to buy their encyclopedias. The Mxy twins inform him that they are no longer content with being annoyances, and next time, they will become real supervillains. They return the world to normal and disappear. Meanwhile, Perry White awakens in a hospital and wondering what happened.

Lois and Clark ponder what Mxyzptlk will do next. They are glad Perry is back to normal. Around them are hundreds of encyclopedias.

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