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Aella was an Amazon leader, considered to be the greatest of the Amazon warriors in life.[1]

Her name means whirlwind, and she lived up to that name on the battlefield. She led the Amazons in a great battle against Hercules long ago, and they all fell (her allies, her sisters, her friends, her loves) but her. Aella lived a good life, but she was still filled with regret. After her death, when Diana was already born and a little girl, Aella's statue was added to those of her fallen companions in the Garden of Heroes because of who she was in war. Diana's mother, Hippolyta, explained to her that, during the war with Hercules, Aella's faith wavered, praying that the war would just end. The reality of war scared her, and she believed that she lived because she didn't push as hard as her sisters. She would rather have given everything and died there — then her death would have had meaning.[1]

Aella's life and death inspired Diana throughout her life, mainly in the War of the Multiverses against the hordes of the god The Darkest Knight,[1] whose conclusion reshaped the whole reality.