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Aella was an Amazon and mother of Yara Flor.

Aella was among the first generation of Amazons that were imprisoned and later freed themselves from the cruelty of Heracles. After they overthrew their captors, half of the Amazons answered the calls of the Gods of Olympus to guard Doom's Doorway while the other half rejected their former matrons and instead headed to Egypt. Rather than pick a side in the rift, Aella set out by herself to explore all that she could in the world. During her travels she encountered and fell in love with a river god in the land that would become Brazil. The pair had a child, Yara, together but were quickly parted afterwards and Aella was adopted alongside her child by a group of Amazons that existed native to the rainforest.[1]

Aella's newfound happiness would be short lived however, and a few years after joining the local Amazons she was attacked by Olympian forces led by Eros who were following Ares' orders to destroy all the remaining Amazons that had escaped Heracles. A vicious conflict ensued that wrought much destruction on the Amazons of the Amazon. While the Amazons ultimately outlasted their invades Aella was not so lucky, and sacrificed herself in order to save Yara's life.[2]