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The Aerie is a metahuman from Badhnisia capable of flying.

The Aerie was a citizen of Badhnisia and the lover of Wink. Everyone they knew in their home country were turned into the Anti-Living and they flew three days straight to the Quraci fortress of Jotunheim in order to keep Wink protected. As they neared it, soldiers under the command of Raza Kattuah and Manticore fired at them, since no one was allowed in, but Wink safely teleported herself and them inside.[1]

Aerie requested the fortress' defenders to let them stay there as they flew for days, promising any help in return. Later, Manticore asked them to find their missing affiliates Nightshade and Hyve, to which Aerie agreed. While searching, they noticed a horde of Anti-Living, including Black Adam, coming in their direction. Wink however teleported them in time before Adam could land a hit on them. Grabbing their partner, Aerie flies back to Jotunheim to warn its defenders.[1]

Informing Raza and Manticore about the coming horde led by Black Adam, they advised to flee the fortress. Raza disagreed, believing it was a bad idea and Wink told them to fly to the Aegean Sea where they could reach Themyscira and get other heroes to help them. Aerie quickly flew to the area and was found by Wonder Woman, who rushed to Jotunheim after hearing they needed help.[2]

The Anti-Living had been beaten back by the Justice League before Aerie returned to Jotunheim and they reunited with Wink, while the fortress was taken away by the Green Lantern Dinah Lance to safety.[3] They and Wink later started staying at the Fortress of Solitude along with other survivors.[4] The League later moved the survivors to Poison Ivy's garden in Gotham City. When the Anti-Living horde led by Adam assaulted it, the Aerie helped in defending it.[5]

After realizing Wink was luring the horde with Pied Piper to the other side of Nightshade's portal, Aerie went after her and told her that they would die with her if that was the only way to stop the infected. As Wink told them the plan of killing Nightshade, the Aerie went to find her themselves and soon brought her before the two heroes. Black Manta however blasted Wink's gun before she could kill her and also injured Aerie's right wing. Piper however was able to successfully kill Nightshade and Wink teleported all three back to Earth before the portal closed, trapping the horde permanently.[6]