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The Aerie is a member of the Revolutionaries and The Truth. They were formerly a member of the Suicide Squad.

Aerie was born to the Badhnisian president Mishra[1] and was eventually kidnapped by another nation who wanted their country to sign a trade agreement for the oil discovered beneath their country. Mishra refused and Aerie was given up to the "Post-Human Project", which illegally turned people into metahumans. The group experimented on them and gave them wings, after which they were forced to fall off a cliff by the facility's guards. When they fell, they discovered they had gained the ability to fly, but were soon pulled back to the ground through the chains attached to their leg. Wink, another person who was experimented upon in the facility, transported inside their cell after having watched their first flight and tried to strike up a friendship while showing her powers.[2]

She then took them to meet meet the T.N. Teens Javier and Lola, who were able to cause explosions. Amanda Waller along with KGBeast and Killer Croc however soon showed up to take Lola away as they were talking. Wink teleported away along with Aerie, but the latter tried rescuing Lola. They were eventually beateen and had their wing bone smashed by Killer Croc, but Wink didn't interfere out of fear of the facility's staff discovering her powers. Over the next six weeks, Wink looked after Aerie and the two eventually fell in love. One day, she decided to escape along with them, but the Aerie decided to bring Javier as well despite being unsure whether they could carry two people. As the two escaped, they came under fire from a warplane, but Wink teleported inside its cockpit, before teleporting the pilot outside. Aerie caught her before she fell and promised that they will always be there for her. Wink thus in turn gave them the name "Aerie" which stuck.[2]

Later, they and Wink joined the Revolutionaries. When they assaulted the Australian nuclear submarines, they helped Wink when she dropped an Australian general to his death. Later, the Revolutionaries come under attack by the Suicide Squad and the Aerie is shot in the wing before being rescued by their team member Fin.

They were eventually apprehended and injected with the bomb that keeps members of the Suicide Squad in check, drafting them into their ranks.


  • According to creator Tom Taylor, the Aerie is gender non-binary.[3]



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