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Aga'po is the Queen of Zamaron and the leader of the Star Sapphire Corps.

Long ago, she and her fellow Zamarons left Oa when the Guardians of the Universe decided to suppress emotions following the battle with Parallax, believing that a life without hope, compassion, and love was blasphemy. Eventually, they came upon a world they dubbed Zamaron, where they found the Star Sapphire, a gem filled with the violet light of love of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. They concluded that the best way to spread love and prevent the wars of the future was by allowing the Star Sapphires to attach to the lovers of Green Lanterns, mate with and kill them, and crystallize the planets. After an encounter with Hal Jordan, they realized how far they had strayed, and decided to form a more traditional Star Sapphire Corps, turning the gems into rings. Aga'po and her fellow Zamarons began conducting experiments and forged a Violet Central Battery with the original Star Sapphire inside. They also captured several female members of the Sinestro Corps in the hopes that they could replace the anger and hate in their hearts with love. Aga'po made their experiments too bright to see the details, but just bright enough for the Guardians to notice.

Aga'po eventually received a request from Oa to allow a diplomatic team to come and speak with her. Upon arrival, the Matlusians began a rather long delay in pleasantries, much to the annoyance of the mortal Green Lanterns, who feared they would die of old age before actual negotiations began. Talk eventually turned to the experiments, and all pleasantness disappeared. The Scarred Guardian compared emotion to a cancer which would mutate, while Aga'po was insulted that the Guardians had the gall to come to her planet and tell her how to live. She also countered that the Guardians were trying to destroy love, but the Green Lanterns were all products of unions of love. The fact that they all thought she was insane for trying to convert the female members of the Sinestro Corps did not hurt her argument in her eyes. Unable to reach an agreement, the Guardians left Zamaron.[1]

Some time later, the new Star Sapphire Miri Riam arrived for her training. For her final test, Aga'po took her to the Star Sapphire inside the battery. Touching it, Miri felt as if her dead husband Kered was still with her. Aga'po declared that Miri's training was complete, and her task was not only to spread love, but protect it when threatened.


  • The name Aga'po is based on the Ancient Greek agápē, which means "unconditional love".



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