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Agamemno was a powerful enemy to the Justice League.

Agamemno's father was spawned by the Big Bang itself. As one of the first sentient cosmic beings in existence, Agamemno's precursor demanded the fealty of all other sentient life that came after him, but this nameless tyrant was eventually felled by "assassins" on behalf of his oppressed subjects, with Agamemno himself barely managing to escape. Over millennia, Agamemno crossed the universe as a being of pure consciousness, fashioning new corporeal forms for himself out of whatever materials proved available on the worlds he conquered. After defiling one faraway inhabited world, populated by sapient humanoid birds Agamemno heard of the legend of the Justice League, a band of heroes who had toppled intergalactic tyrants like him in the past. Seeing an opportunity to manipulate the JLA into serving his ambitions, Agamemno sought out one of their old foes, Kanjar Ro of Dhor, and made a trade with him: Ro's three rival despots of the Antares system, captive and at Ro's mercy, in exchange for everything Ro could tell Agamemno about the Justice League and their home-planet.

Making haste in traveling to Earth to set his plan in motion, Agamemno contacted Lex Luthor with the offer of helping him procure the three components to an ultimate weapon which would enable Agamemno to reclaim his birthright to reign over all corners of space. In return, Agamemno would help Luthor triumph over his enemies on Earth and grant him dominion over that planet within his grand design for the universe. Luthor quickly called together a team consisting of The Penguin, Catwoman, Sinestro, Dr. Light, Felix Faust, Mr. Element, Chronos, and Black Manta. In a series of well-planned ambushes, the Injustice League swapped minds with Superman, Batman, Black Canary, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, The Flash, The Atom, and Aquaman, respectively.

Afterwards, they all spread out to find the items of power spread throughout the universe, which when combined would form an ultimate weapon. Agamemno was in a group with Luthor-Superman, Chronos-Atom, Faust-Arrow, and Manta-Aquaman. Their target was Brainiac's crashed ship on an aquatic alien world, where they stole a fragment of Krypton's Jewel Mountains from one of the shrunken bottle-cities. Then they left for Thanagar to obtain the Absorbascon. Agamemno and his group then ran up against Lantern-Sinestro, who attempted to stop them before reversing the mind-swap. After taking the Absorbascon, Agamemno and the Injustice League fled the scene, disabling the Green Lantern Corps in the void of outer space.

Agamemno and the Injustice League then headed to Rann to form the ultimate weapon, using the third stolen item of power: the Green Lantern Central Power Battery. After conquering the planet and reveling in their newfound power, the Injustice League were confronted by the new Seven Soldiers of Victory, who were manipulated into assembling and discovering the threat by Deadman. In this battle, Agamemno took control over the matter of Adam Strange's jetpack and used it to keep him at bay, floundering ineffectually in the air. He then attempted to enter and absorb the power of the weapon. However, Luthor substituted the Jewel Kryptonite in the Central Power Battery with a similar-looking diamond, betraying Agamemno and seemingly causing him to be destroyed. Only then did Luthor complete the weapon for real to seize its power for himself and his criminal cohorts.

After a long and difficult battle between the Justice League and the Injustice League, the heroes, altered by Robby Reed's H-Dial into oddly costumed and differently super-powered forms, defeated the villains. Then Agamemno, who feigned his demise and was merely biding his time inside the Central Power Battery, made his move and animated the ultimate weapon as part of his body. The JLA had some unexpected assistance in the form of the Green Lantern Corps and a force of Hawkmen from Thanagar, which turned the tides of the battle. Martian Manhunter, with his new powers, teleported inside of Agamemno and stole the Jewel Kryptonite and the Absorbascon. After being severely weakened by the loss of these items, Agamemno was defeated and separated from the Central Power Battery by the Green Lanterns, being kept imprisoned inside it until he was returned to Oa for a more stable type of incarceration. Agamemno's fate remains unrevealed, but it is unlikely that he was still imprisoned in the Central Power Battery at the time of its later destruction.


  • In Tower of Babel (also written by Waid), it's revealed the body swap by Agamemno led Batman to develop a number of contingency plans to take down the JLA and other heroes should they go rogue.



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