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Quote1.png You know why I carried the blaster? Because I was exhausted. always bombarded by the emotions of others. Whether I want them or not. It's like a million invading thoughts constantly smothering my own. Torturous. I just want to be left alone. Quote2.png
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Agarushnawokliag is a villain of the Green Lantern Corps.

Agarushnawokliag was once a foe of Voz, who served as his warden when he was imprisoned on Oa in the past. At some point, Agarushnawokliag broke out and later encounter Hal Jordan who ultimately defeated him and brought him back to Mogo. On Mogo, Agarushnawokliag broke free from his construct prison but was once again subdued by the Lanterns.


  • Alien Physiology: Agarushnawokliag's physiology allows him to control his hair as f they were other appendages.
    • Energy Absorption: Agarushnawokliag feeds off of emotions and similar concepts, including Green Lantern's willpower.
      • Superhuman Strength: After absorbing enough emotion, Agarushnawokliag grows powerful enough to fight Green Lanterns physically.


  • Acrobatics: Agarushnawokliag is quick on his feet and very acrobatic.



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