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Prior to being known as Agent "!", Italian citizen Malcolm had an unusual ability to blend seamlessly into any crowd, to the point where he became almost impossible to spot; he often referred to himself as a man "who comes as no surprise."

Unfortunately, this ability was not one that he could consciously control, and this made it extremely difficult for him to make or maintain friendships or other social interactions. Particularly given the nature of his ability, he longed to know what it was like to surprise someone.

He came to the attention of Mr. Nobody, who recruited him to the Brotherhood of Dada. As a member of the Brotherhood, Agent "!" aided in a plan to win the presidency and then merge the reality of the Painting That Ate Paris with the real world. This plan was thwarted when they were attacked by a government agent known as Yankee Doodle Dandy.

During that battle, Agent "!" was shot several times by government snipers. As he died, a small model plane flew up from his chest and surprised the soldiers, proving that the ability to surprise people had been within him the whole time. He perished with a smile.


  • Invisibility: Agent "!" can seamlessly blend into a crowd, giving him the ability to go invisible while others are around.


  • Power Instability: Agent "!" can't consciously control his powers; they just happen when he's around other people.



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