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Agent Morgan, real name Nancy, was a girlfriend of Plastic Man.

Originally a mousy brunette, Nancy tried many times to get Eel O'Brian to give up his life of crime. When she learned that he died, she was devastated, but after he returned and didn't contact her, she set out for revenge. She had major plastic surgery done and reinvented herself as no-nonsense FBI agent Morgan. She then framed Plastic Man for murder, and in the process revealed his secret identity and past life to his superior. She seemingly killed Woozy Winks and Chief Branner, and was close to killing Plastic Man too. However, he revealed to her he didn't contact her because he cared for her safety. Because Woozy was resurrected by a monk and the Chief feigned dying, Nancy hadn't done anything illegal, and she was pardoned and allowed to stay in the FBI. She moved in with Plas and the two had a number of adventures together.