Agent Smith is an agent of the National Security Agency.


Agent Smith was assigned to oversee the response to the landing of a Dominator force. He observed as the Dominators engaged, and slaughtered, an Army unit, and were then routed by Mick Rory, Vixen, and Steel. He then oversaw the capture of the Legends and a surviving Dominator.

While directing scientific experimentation on the Dominator survivor, he was knocked out by the Legends who escaped with the alien.

Even though he was left without a specimen of the race, he was still able to be part of the group that acted as the spokesmen for the Earth with the Dominators. This resulted in a truce between the two.[1]


Agent Smith arrived in Ivy Town following the appearance of an infant Dominator in late October and commandeered the local high school to use as a base of operation. He located the Dominator, who had been befriended by a young Ray Palmer. He held the pair at the high school and again started to have the alien experimented on.

When Palmer attempted to rescue his friend, Agent Smith shot and killed the youth. He then arranged for the body to be found in the local forest.

Because of this, an aberration in the time line was created. The Legends arrived prior to these events in attempt to save their teammate. Their presence did not directly change Agents Smith's actions. When Smith was about to shoot the younger Palmer, the elder Palmer pummelled Smith unconscious.

Agent Smith was again left empty handed as the Legends returned the infant Dominator to his mother.[2]


Agent Smith had risen to the upper echelon on the National Security Agency and was place in direct control of A.R.G.U.S. This also allowed him access to information that provided him with the identities of heroes such as the Flash and Green Arrow. When the Dominators returned to Earth, he used his previous experiences with them to act as a contact point with them. He was able to learn that they saw the creation of the "Flashpoint" timeline by the Flash as a breach of the truce established in 1951.

When the Flash and the other heroes had requested a meeting with the President, Smith stepped in. He, along with armed agents, met with the heroes, and explained that he had brokered a deal with the Dominators, giving the Flash to them so they would not destroy the world. The heroes declined to be taken in by him and his agents, and moved forward with their plan to defeat the Dominators.[3] After the Dominators were defeated, he walked in to the victory celebration. He told Barry and Oliver that he was going to be overseeing the clean up and taking all of the Dominator technology. He was interrupted by Kara Danvers, who mentioned that the she had outlined the Department of Extranormal Operations to the new President and had also suggested that Smith be transferred to Antarctica. She also implied that both suggestions were positively received.[1]




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