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Agent Vasquez is a member of the D.E.O. as one of J'onn J'onzz's most trusted officers and a friend to both Supergirl and Alex Danvers.

Agent Vasquez is first seen when the D.E.O. pursue Vartox. She provides "Hank Henshaw" the location of Vartox and witnessed Supergirl take down the alien.

Vasquez once again aided Supergirl during a battle against the rogue Red Tornado. She then reveals a video showing Maxwell Lord blaming Supergirl for the attack.

Some time later, "Hank Henshaw" revealed himself as a Green Martian known as J'onn J'onzz, leading to the D.E.O. arresting him. Vasquez was asked by Supergirl to go against the agency by turning off the technology dampening J'onn's Martian abilities. She refused, though showed support by abandoning her post, giving Supergirl the freedom to witness the interrogation.

Vasquez was one of the agents present at the D.E.O. when the headquarters was shut down in order to expose the White Martians who had infiltrated the agency.

In 2019, Earth-38 underwent a cataclysmic event due to a Crisis on Infinite Earths, causing all but a few billion lives to be saved and evacuated to Earth-1. Whether or not Vasquez survived is unknown. When the Paragons restarted the Multiverse in their battle against the Anti-Monitor, Earth-38 was merged with Earth-1, leaving her fate still unknown.



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