Agent Wax was a field agent working for the National Park Service (NPS), a secret US government sponsored-group that monitored and responded to the activities of Super Powered Beings (SPB's).

Unbeknownst to his organization or his boss, Agent Downs, Agent Wax was actually a SPB with the power of mental suggestion, a power he uncovered at the age of fifteen. According to Wax, he inherited his ability from his parents who kept their abilities secret from the world. However, he revealed that his parents possessed great animosity towards each other and possessed destructive powers which ended in his parents killing each other.[1]

He first met the Wildcats when he was hunting a serial killing SPB named Sammy "Slaughterhouse" Smith, whom was seducing and killing young women with the surname "Marlowe" for the sake of hunting and trying to kill Spartan.[2] Spartan had Grifter kill the SPB and then he offered Agent Wax a job in which Wax kept an eye on the National Park Service and made sure they didn't investigate Spartan too much.[3] Wax would go back to work after having quit due to the death of his partner at the end of their shared assignment, returning to active service as a pencil pusher in the NPS due to a demotion by his condescending superior while in actuality was operating undercover in the services of Spartan.[4] A service which would keep the service out of the offices of HALO and enlisted Wax as a trusted confidante within Hadrian's coaxing.

His superior officer, Agent Downs, prevented him from doing his job properly due to longstanding grudges and so he consigned the returning abettor to a desk jockey, then a chauffeur for his overbearing boss' wife. As payback, Wax used his hypnotic powers to rape Down's spouse (not just once but on a regular basis) after she'd worked his last nerve one too many times.[5] Eventually, his boss found out and tried to kill him and his wife for the forced infidelity, but Wax made Downs kill himself instead and then used his hypnosis to make everyone in the National Park Service think he was the boss.[6]

This act allowed him to run the National Park Service and still work with Spartan by using his persuasion abilities to convince everyone that he was his own superior (and also keep sleeping with boss' wife who he grew to have an affection for).[7]

It is unknown what happened to him after the World's End event that decimated most of the Earth's population, but considering he wasn't listed as one of the Earth's surviving superhumans by Spartan, it is assumed he perished.


  • Hypnosis: Wax can mentally exert commands onto others temporarily and make them follow his orders.
    • Mind Control
    • Illusion Casting: Thanks to his hypnotic powers, Wax can project illusions into the minds of others, like appearing as another individual.[6]
    • Memory Manipulation


  • Power Limitation: The mental pushes are temporary along with the fact those affected can remember they've been hypnotized and must be constantly exerted to have long-term effects. However, they are ineffective on robotic entities.



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