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Agogg is an ape-like warrior and hunter in service of Darkseid.

Agogg received the task to hunt and bring Ellis Ames, a possessor of the Anti-Life Equation, to Apokolips. On Earth, he fought and prevailed against Orion and Lightray, until Ellis himself jumped in front of the brute to take him to his world and spare the innocent caught in the middle of the battle. In Darkseid's citadel, Ellis Ames convinced Darkseid that he could write the Equation for him. However, Ellis was bluffing, and, partly motivated by a terminal disease that would kill him either way, he jumped from the citadel to commit suicide, framing Agogg as the perpetrator. Agogg tried to explain the situation, but Darkseid believed the ruse, and he killed Agogg after he failed to reveal the Equation.[1]




  • DeSaad equiped him with a Psychic Profile to track his target on Earth.


  • Agogg can summon Boom Tubes, most likely with a Mother Box, even though he's never seen carrying one.



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