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Baron Agua Sin Gaaz was a Jamaican crime lord and skilled vodou priest. He is the grandfather of Empress, a young heroine and former member of Young Justice.

Life and Criminal Activities

The Baron lived in Haiti with his wife Oya who fled the country after becoming pregnant, as she was fearful of what he might do to the baby. Oya took refuge in Louisiana and did her best to ensure Sin Gaaz stayed away from the family, although he eventually found them by the time their daughter Oshi was an adult -- and a parent herself. He attempted to kill her husband Donald and accidentally killed Oshi, leaving her daughter Anita without a mother.

The Baron relocated to Zandia where he smuggled body parts from all over the world and practiced his experiments involving recreating life with the use of science and vodou. The Baron tried to help Zandia win in the Olympics by killing a competitor, but failed. He was later seen when Ishido Maad and Donald Fite attempted to stop the Baron's smuggling, which led to Donald's death.

Facing Empress

Orphaned by her own grandfather, Empress eventually decided to head to Zandia with Young Justice to get her revenge. After defeating her grandfather, she realized it would not be right to kill him. As he tries to put her into one of his experimental chambers, he is hit by an arrow from Bonnie King-Jones and falls into his own chamber. Empress' teammate Secret later confirmed his vodou gods had condemned him to unbearable and eternal torment for his crimes.

Two of his experimental creations, infant versions of Anita's parents, were brought to life with the souls of their past selves. Reunited with her parents in an unexpected way, Empress took the two babies with her to raise.



  • Martial Arts: He was able to get the upper hand in a fight against his granddaughter, a youthful and talented fighter.
  • Science: Combining his science with traditional vodou magic, he was able to create new bodies for deceased souls to inhabit, which he called Antibodies. He also used his developments to grow back Kite-Man's severed arm.



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