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Kismet is a female cosmic being and the protector of the universe.

Originally, she was a peer named Ahti and the lover of the man who would become Dominus. They had a falling out when she ascended to the role of Kismet, which he craved bitterly.

Kismet was transformed into Strange Visitor for a time when she combined with Sharon Vance.[1] She appeared at several key moments in Superman's life, including saving his adoptive father Jonathan Kent while he was dying and searching for Superman.[2] Kismet later played a crucial role in the Imperiex War in which she gave all her powers to Superman to vanquish Imperiex.[3]

When Kismet's universe contacted another universe, Kismet, alongside Eternity, was captured by Krona by the use of twelve objects of incalculable power in the hopes of destroying their respective universal embodiments, and thus surviving the destruction into the new universe that follows. During this capture, Kismet and Eternity wordlessly fell in love for each other, and parted against their will after the crisis was averted by the heroes of both universes.[4]


  • Reality Alteration: Being a nigh-omnipotent cosmic entity and also the literal embodiment of time of the DC Universe, Kismet can manipulate time, space and reality to achieve virtually any feat imaginable.
  • Immortality: She is also immortal and doesn't suffer from the passage of time.
  • Cosmic Awareness

  • "Kismet" is a word derived from Turkish and Hindi-Urdu, meaning Fate or Destiny, a predetermined course of events. The word evolved from Persian qesmat, from Arabic qisma, meaning "lot", from qasama, "to divide, allot". Kismet is also used in Bulgarian, Macedonian, and in some dialects of Serbo-Croatian as luck.