Ak-Var was a member of the Kryptonian Military Guild unit, Black Zero holding the rank of aspirant major.

He was the husband of aspirant Tes Ak-Var and the father of Thara Ak-Var. In the years preceding Krypton's destruction, a Black Zero unit, led by Lt. Ursa responded to a crisis in Ak-Var's home city of Kandor. The alien conqueror Brainiac had come to Krypton and was in the process of sealing off the city to prepare it for assimilation. Black Zero charged the perimeter, but a Brainiac Probe murdered him in front of the eyes of his daughter.

  • In Pre-Crisis continuity, Ak-Var was the Kryptonian hero known as Flamebird. In modern continuity, it is his daughter Thara Ak-Var who has assumed that role.



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