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Quote1 My hostility kept me from making many friends. Quote2
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Akarl was the brother of Lightray and childhood friend of Orion.

At the end of the war between the New Gods, Darkseid and Highfather made a truce where they were required to switch their sons Orion and Scott Free.[1] Arriving on the good planet New Genesis, Orion was a vicious child who felt out of place and did not have many friends. He met Akarl as young boys together in school, and after a fist-fight, they became the best of friends. Orion and Akarl remained extremely close growing up together, until one fateful day when Akarl's household was raided by the Bugs and his entire family was murdered (except for Solis). Seeing this death drove Orion into a mad frenzy and he slaughtered the squad of insect troopers down to the last man. It was later revealed that the attack had been in retaliation for a recent extermination.[2] Akarl was also the older brother of Solis, the young boy who would grow up to become the great hero Lightray.[3]

  • This character has been given two names in continuity, Akarl and Arkal. Akarl in his first appearance.[2] Arkal in subsequent references.[3][4] This was likely a mistake on the writers' part.
  • Akarl has only ever appeared in flashbacks.



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