Aku Kwesi was, at one time, a poacher who eventually became a small time warlord leading dozens of armed men.

Early in his career, he murdered the mother of Mari Jiwe, the girl who would eventually become the hero Vixen.

Vixen eventually returns to her home village for the first time in years only to find that Kwesi has taken over many of the local Zambesi villages. He rule them through a combination of fear and the advanced firepower of his men. The villagers believe that Kwesi is a supernatural enemy that cannot be defeated.

Vixen easily dispatches a number of Kwesi's troops showing the villagers her powers in the process. Many of the villager, now fearful of her supernatural nature ask her to leave so that she does not bring Kwesi's wrath on the village. Vixen soon confronts Kwesi directly and is surprised to find that he has powers of his own. Kwesi shows speed power and claws that rival anything Vixen possesses. At one point he toys with her and chides her for not knowing her place as a woman. He is able to severely wound her during their initial engagement. Vixen finds that she has great trouble healing the wounds, which turn out to be poisoned. While in her injured state, her JLA communicator is activated and the Justice League of America travels to Africa to assist her.

Vixen later finds out that Kwesi is being funded by Intergang and that his powers are actually produced by advanced technology and chemicals. One of these chemicals, a Vodun zombie potion modified to be effective against Superman, infects the Kryptonian and Black Canary. Whisper A'Daire turns out to be the head of the this Intergang plot, and through the uses of the zombie potion takes control of the two heroes and turns them against their fellow Leaguers.[1]



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