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Quote1.png I am Al Jabr. I bring mechanisms that can make you rich. I'm an ambassador from a far off land. Quote2.png
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Al Jabr was a brilliant mathematician and scientist roaming Europe in the 10th Century. He became a member of the Demon Knights.

Whilst in England he came upon the village of named Little Spring and enters the local pub. Al Jabr tries to get service, but the bartender refuses due to him being foreign. Another traveller, a large Amazon woman called Exoristos, roughly convinces him to do so. There in the bar they meet another warrior, the cursed Jason Blood and his companion Madame Xanadu who are at a table speaking with the immortal Vandal Savage.

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  • Electrical Engineering: Al Jabr appears to be skilled in a primitive form of electrical engineering as he is able to electrocute the attacking Horde.
  • Leadership: Al Jabr helped create, maintain and eventually rule the Moorish land of Al-Wadi in Spain.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Al Jabr is quite adept in handling himself in physical combat even without his technology or his weaponry.
  • Swordsmanship: Al Jabr is known for his swordsmanship skills with his scimitar.
  • Weaponry: Al Jabr can create weapons with anything around him. When defending a small village from an invading Horde he armed the entire village with bits and pieces of their homes which he crafted into swords and pikes.

  • Al Jabr was called a Saracen by the Questing Queen indicating that he was Arabian, as a "Saracen" is a term used by ancient Romans to describe those from the Arabia Petraea.
  • 'Al Jabr' is a pseudonym. When roughly translated from Arabic it means "the numbers".[1]