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Alaktor was an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Alaktor was a thief and spy, who tried to find out the Legion of Super-Heroes's security so he could steal a Time Bubble. He infiltrated the Legion Clubhouse during tryouts, and sought to impress them with his "Marvel Belt" - which gave him the powers of super-radiance, super loud-sound and mechanical hypnotizing. He was disqualified from entering, but he didn't mind. His belt made numerous scans and photos of the security measures.

He managed to steal a Time Bubble, but triggered one alarm his sensors hadn't detected. Traveling back in time, he grabbed the three wickedest men in Earth history - Nero, John Dillinger and Adolf Hitler, from a time where their empires had begun to fracture. He took them to the 31st Century to the planet Lost World, an abandoned technological marvel that was under constant threat of thieves after its high level technology. He transplanted the three men's minds into the world's three protectors - Mon-El, "Superboy and Ultra Boy - but as soon as that was complete, the criminals captured Alaktor. The villains were defeated by the Legion and Alaktor cooperated with restoring everything before being incarcerated.