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Quote1.png There, Green Lantern commands a lonely throne... ever vigilant, ever waiting for signs of threats extraterrestrial. He waits still. Quote2.png
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Alan Scott was the Green Lantern. After many years as a hero, he integrated his lantern into his armor, thereby becoming a self-renewing power source and making him more powerful than before.

Sometime after Superman retired, Green Lantern decided to become more proactive. He built a space station, New Oa, and he lay in wait for an alien invasion that never came. He waited for ten years, until he was recruited by Superman for his 'Justice League', their first mission back being to subdue the Americommando from slaughtering refugees gathering on Liberty Island.

He served with the league, corralling super-criminals and rogue metahumans into the prison called the Gulag. He travels with the rest of the team to the Gulag to contain the prisoner revolt. Captain Marvel arrives and blasts the Gulag, freeing all the prisoners, who then attack the surrounding Justice League members. During the battle at the Gulag he is shot down by Oliver Queen. Jade sends a protective bubble over the top of him when the United Nations drop a nuclear bomb on all the fighting metahumans. He then helps calm Superman down. Afterwards he becomes a U.N. charter member under the nation of New Oa. He attended Batman's funeral, but the full extent of his adventures are unknown.[1]


  • According to character supplement in Kingdom Come / Revelations, Alan Scott partly embodies the ambitions of the Silver Age Hal Jordan, and that his Emerald City of New Oa reflects the science-fiction concepts of the Silver Age Green Lantern.
  • According to Alex Ross, Alan Scott was originally to be referred to as "Green Knight" to explain his knightly armor he now wears.



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