Quote1 We don't know each other, but I promise you I know how dark things can get when you keep emotions secret. To live with truth as a north star...that takes real willpower. Quote2
-- Green Lantern src

Alan Scott was a young engineer; one evening he was riding a train over a bridge when it collapsed. Alan was supposed to grasp at a Lantern that would save his life and transform him into the first Green Lantern of Earth, however Doctor Manhattan moved the lantern six inches out of Alan's reach so that Scott dies in the train accident and leaves no family behind, as the green lantern is passed through different locations thereafter.[1][2][3]

Despite supposedly dying in a train crash, he was later seen with in a video his fellow Justice Society of America members.[4]

Alan and the rest of the Society encounter John Stewart and Barry Allen.[5] He expresses surprise when John brings up the Green Lantern Corps and implores John to tell him more about the corps, but is stopped by Doctor Fate. He, the other society, John and Barry go to Pearl Harbor, shortly before is attacked by the Japanese.[6] He and his allies battle the Legion of Doom and the Japanese forces under their control, before Aquaman shows up.[7]



Wood Flaw[6]



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