In his youth Alan Scott acquired a power ring, leading to him assuming the identity of the "Green Lantern" and becoming a member of the Justice Society of America.

Eventually, the group's activities attracted the attention of government agency Checkmate, who wanted the JSA:ers to work for them. Like the others, Alan refused. Because of this, Checkmate uncovered Alan's identity and framed him for crimes, getting his arrested. In the end, the charges against Alan didn't hold up and he was released.[2]

Alan returned to his life as the CEO of Scott Communications. At some point he also married Molly and had two kids named Jennie-Lynn and Todd.[1] In 2010, Carter Hall decided to try and reform the JSA. He hoped to be able to convince Alan to assume his old persona and let his children be trained by the older generation.[3]


  • At the time of his arrest, Alan was 40 years old.[2] As the JSA ceased their activities around 1997,[1] this would place his year of birth around 1957.



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