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Alan Tudyk (b. March 16, 1971) is an American character actor who has portrayed several DC characters over the years, such as Mister Nobody on Doom Patrol, and also voiced the Green Arrow on Young Justice, Clayface and the Joker on Harley Quinn, Doctor Phosphorus on Creature Commandos, and various other characters in animation.

Pictured: Tudyk as Eric Morden from the Doom Patrol episode "Paw Patrol"

Professional History

Alan Tudyk is a prolific American character actor known primarily for his roles in comedies and dramas, such as Hoban Washburne on Firefly, K-2SO in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Harry Vanderspeigle on Resident Alien, and many, many more. He began at DC doing voiceover roles such as the Flash on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Green Arrow and Psimon on Young Justice, and Superman in Justice League: War.

Tudyk graduated to live action roles in DC projects, portraying Van Wayne on Powerless and Mister Nobody on Doom Patrol, the latter of which earned him much praise from fans and critics. He returned to voice acting for DC by becoming a regular on Harley Quinn as Clayface and the Joker, as well as Alfred Pennyworth on Batman: The Audio Adventures. In 2023, he was cast as Doctor Phosphorus on James Gunn's Creature Commandos, set to release in 2024.

Work History

Acting Credits

Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2008-2011 Flash
     "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!" May 29, 2010 Flash
     "Four Star Spectacular!" August 8, 2011 Flash
Young Justice 2010- Green Arrow
     "Independence Day" November 26, 2010 Green Arrow
     "Infiltrator" February 11, 2011 Green Arrow
     "Bereft" March 11, 2011 Psimon
     "Image" March 17, 2012 Psimon
Green Arrow
     "Agendas" March 24, 2012 Green Arrow
     "Insecurity" March 31, 2012 Green Arrow
     "Salvage" May 19, 2012 Green Arrow
     "Beneath" May 26, 2012 Psimon
     "Satisfaction" September 29, 2012 Green Arrow
Captain Cold
     "Fix" January 26, 2013 Psimon
     "Princes All" January 4, 2019 Green Arrow
Injustice: Gods Among Us April 16, 2013 Green Arrow
Green Arrow (Alternate reality)[1]
Atlantean Librarian
Justice League: War February 4, 2014 Superman[2]
Infinite Crisis March 26, 2015 Green Arrow
Powerless 2017-2017 Van Wayne
     "Wayne or Lose" February 2, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Wayne Dream Team" February 9, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Sinking Day" February 16, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Emily Dates a Henchman" February 23, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Cold Season" March 9, 2017 Van Wayne
     "I'ma Friend You" March 30, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice" April 6, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Green Furious" April 13, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Emergency Punch-Up" April 20, 2017 Van Wayne
     "No Consequence Day" May 12, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Win, Luthor, Draw" May 19, 2017 Van Wayne
     "Van of the Year" May 26, 2017 Van Wayne
Doom Patrol 2019-2023 Mister Nobody
     "Pilot" February 15, 2019 Mister Nobody
     "Donkey Patrol" February 22, 2019 Mister Nobody
     "Paw Patrol" March 15, 2019 Mister Nobody
     "Therapy Patrol" March 29, 2019 Mister Nobody
     "Hair Patrol" April 19, 2019 Mister Nobody
     "Cyborg Patrol" May 3, 2019 Mister Nobody
     "Flex Patrol" May 10, 2019 Mister Nobody
     "Penultimate Patrol" May 17, 2019 Mister Nobody
     "Ezekiel Patrol" May 24, 2019 Mister Nobody
Harley Quinn 2019- Clayface
     "Til Death Do Us Part" November 29, 2019 Joker
Calendar Man
     "A High Bar" December 6, 2019 Joker
     "So You Need a Crew?" December 13, 2019 Joker
     "Finding Mr. Right" December 20, 2019 Joker
     "Being Harley Quinn" December 27, 2019 Joker
     "You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon" January 3, 2020 Clayface
     "The Line" January 10, 2020 Clayface
     "L.O.D.R.S.V.P" January 17, 2020 Joker
     "A Seat at the Table" January 24, 2020 Joker
     "Harley Quinn Highway" February 7, 2020 Clayface
     "Devil's Snare" February 14, 2020 Joker
     "The Final Joke" February 21, 2020 Joker
     "New Gotham" April 3, 2020 Clayface
     "Riddle U" April 10, 2020 Clayface
Two-Face Goon
     "Catwoman" April 17, 2020 Clayface
Doctor Trap
Cool Guard
     "Thawing Hearts" April 24, 2020 Clayface
Condiment King
     "All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues" May 8, 2020 Joker
     "Inner (Para) Demons" May 22, 2020 Clayface
     "Bachelorette" May 29, 2020 Clayface
Singing Fish
     "Dye Hard" June 5, 2020 Joker
     "A Fight Worth Fighting For" June 12, 2020 Joker
     "Lovers' Quarrel" June 19, 2020 Joker
     "Something Borrowed, Something Green" June 26, 2020 Clayface
Condiment King
     "Harlivy" July 28, 2022 Clayface
     "There's No Ivy in Team" July 28, 2022 Clayface
     "The 83rd Annual Villy Awards" July 28, 2022 Clayface
     "A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy" August 4, 2022 Clayface
     "It's a Swamp Thing" August 11, 2022 Clayface
     "Joker: The Killing Vote" August 18, 2022 Joker
     "Another Sharkley Adventure" August 25, 2022 Clayface
     "Batman Begins Forever" September 01, 2022 Clayface
     "Climax at Jazzapajizza" September 8, 2022 Clayface
     "The Horse and the Sparrow" September 15, 2022 Clayface
     "A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special" February 9, 2023 Clayface
Clayface's Butt
     "B.I.T.C.H." July 27, 2023 Joker
     "Icons Only" July 27, 2023 Clayface
Batman: The Audio Adventures 2021- Alfred Pennyworth
     "The Skylight in the Nursery" September 18, 2021 Alfred Pennyworth
     "Forged Without a Smith" September 18, 2021 Alfred Pennyworth
     "Iceberg Dead Ahead" September 18, 2021 Alfred Pennyworth
     "Your Old Uncle Blabbo" September 18, 2021 Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: A Taste of Gotham   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: New Management   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: Scarecrow Wants Brains   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: Stabberscotch   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: The Senior Partner   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: A Lousy Hand   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: Harm...ony?   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: A Hero and a Fool   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: H.A.H.A.H.A.   Alfred Pennyworth
     Batman: The Audio Adventures (Podcast) Episode: Our Feature Presentation   Alfred Pennyworth

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  1. Since the skin and base character are voiced by the same actor and an article for the character exists, it is included in the list even though the character does not appear in the game as an opponent or in the base cinematic scenes
  2. Tudyk only voiced Superman for War, with Jerry O'Connell taking over the role in Throne of Atlantis