Alan Wayne was the patriarch of the Wayne Family after the American Civil War and the founder of Wayne Enterprises. He was the great-great-grandfather of Bruce Wayne.


Alan was the son of Solomon Wayne. After the death of his larger-than-life father, Alan Wayne lived in Gotham Town, since his family home was considered haunted. The state of his life left him depressed, and he planned to commit suicide by jumping into the river. However, on the night in question, he was passed by a melee - a masked cowboy dueling with a gang of "superior criminals" for ownership of a mysterious wooden box. Moved to act by his own conscience, he rushed into the fray, saving the life of a woman named Katie Van Derm from the ruckus.

Later, he married Katie, and the two moved back into Wayne Manor. With his wife, he founded Wayne Shipping, the company which was to provide for his descendants. His wife gave him a son, Kenneth, but she died in childbirth.[1]

In the last two decades of the 19th century, Alan Wayne, along with representatives of three other prominent Gotham families - Theodore Cobblepot, Edward Elliot and Cameron Kane - hired two architect brothers to help them modernise the city. However, when one architect died in a construction accident and the other went mad, Wayne and his compatriots closed ranks.[2]

He died at the age of sixty-three.[3]




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