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Alan von Neumann, Jr. was the son of the creator of the robot Thinko. He was serving a life sentence in prison for his own robot-oriented crimes.

He followed in his father's footsteps and attempted to build a construct of his own, the ultimate thinking machine Unimate. His project was ultimately a failure and he was imprisoned for life at Las Tunas Federal Correctional Facility.

After some time, he found out that the world had forgotten about his exploits. When Thinko resurfaced after decades, a small group of student reporters Jaime Reyes (secretly Blue Beetle), Brenda, and Paco appeared to question Neumann. He denied all involvement, explaining that he had no reason to build an outdated copy of his father's creation when he could have just used his own.

Before the students left, he pleaded for them to make sure his daughter would not be bothered because of the fiasco. She had an honest life as a schoolteacher, but had experienced a lot of problems because of her father and grandfather's crimes.




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