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Alanna is the daughter of Sardath of Rann.

A young scientist-in-training, under the tutelage of her father. Alanna believes very much in her father's ideas concerning aliens and restricted science projects. When Adam Strange accidentally zeta'd into their home, she took time to show him around their home and make him comfortable which eased the transition.

Getting a crush on the man from earth, Alanna knew that when the Kroloteans issued a large warrant out for the Justice League's capture that it couldn't be true. When the Team came to Rann with Strange to discuss and investigate the Kroloteans, Alanna was their guide into the jungles of Rann. She spent a considerable amount of time alone with Superboy to which they discussed his relationship with Miss Martian.

After defeating and banishing the Kroloteans, Alanna returned to her father and Adam at their home.


  • Science: Gifted in understanding the finer concepts of Rannian technology, Alanna is currently under training with her father. She understands and can assist in Zeta Beam teleports.
  • Survival: Living on a sometimes inhospitable planet means Alanna knows how to navigate through it's dangerous forests as well as what to avoid and where to hide.



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