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Alanna is a citizen of the planet Rann and the daughter of the planet's greatest scientist Sardath.

The Rannians are in outer appearance identical to Earth-based Humans, but their internal anatomy is slightly different. Alanna has educated by her father, so she is adept at the planet's advanced Rannian technology. Her father was responsible for the invention of many highly technological items including the Zeta beam. The device was created to communicate with other worlds, but due to high levels of radiation, it became a teleportation device. It brought an unexpected alien to their world: the scientist Adam Strange. Arriving in Sardath's lab, he was shocked to find he was on another world, but he is soon calmed on the introduction of Alanna. Because of their different worlds, she can only see her husband using Zeta-Beam technology. Alanna along with Adam become the proctors of their world, she is an action hero in her own right, more than adept with a blaster.

Eventually due to their interaction the two characters married, and this is when she took the last name Strange, an Earth custom as Rannians do not have last names. The couple went on many adventures together all over this strange world but each time her husband would be transported back to Earth. But with Sardath's help Adam could track the Zeta-Beam's and returns to his friends and family on Rann.

It was revealed in time the society of Rann have become sterile and the accident that brought Adam to Rann was not true. Sardath knew his people were doomed if didn't do something, so he brought an Earthling to the planet to help. After time the Alanna became pregnant and they had a daughter Aleea Strange.


  • Science: Gifted in understanding the finer concepts of Rannian technology, Alanna is currently under training with her father. She understands and can assist in Zeta Beam teleports.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): She is an above average hand-to-hand combatant and her experience with the jet pack has made her proficient in aerial combat as well.
  • Tactical Analysis: Alanna a keen analytical mind and is a master tactician and strategist.


  • Fireproof insulated costume and helmet. The helmet is also equipped with a shield that protects Alanna from harmful atmospheric conditions.


  • Alanna frequently uses a Rannian rocket pack, which she wears upon her back for atmospheric travel. When teleporting between Earth and Rann, Alanna makes use of the Zeta-Beam.


  • Alanna uses a ray gun developed by Rannian scientists.