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Alanna is a scientist from a pocket dimension created by Autuer.io. She is the daughter of Sardath, the Scientist Prime of Planet Rann.

Although Rann was a highly technolgoically advanced civilisation, they were frequently attacked by the planet's dangerous giant wildlife, and so Sardath and Alanna developed technology such as the Tornado Cannon to fight them off.

One day, her father's Phatom Zone crystal disappeared, leaving a hole in the world which Sardath theorised was an interdimensional portal. Three strangers appeared in the sky over Rann and she headed out to confront them, assuming they were reponsible. In fact they were visitors from other realities who were chasing Auteur.io, the mad creator of their worlds. Auteur.io attacked them in the form of an armored Mammoth Quake Worm carrying the crystal. The worm ate one of the strangers and she led them back to Sardath's lab, where they shot it with the Tornado Cannon. The creature spat out the stranger and his armor began to disappear, revealing a blue-skinned man within. The Cannon ran out of power and the worm fled through the portal. The three strangers introduced themselves as Superman, Batman and Robin. They chased Auteur.io through the portal and Alanna followed them, hoping to retrieve the crystal.

They emerged in a significantly dirtier and more primitive world. Alanna's scanner detected the crystal in a nearby train, so Superman flew them to it. The train had suddenly sped up and a local hero named El Diablo was attempting to stop it. He was initially suspcious of them but trusted them when they were all attacked by Auteur.io's robots. They discovered that Auteur.io had taken the form of the train and attacked him, breifly removing his armor again, but the armor regained control and he declared that he would destroy Superman's world for their defiance and disappeared.[1]

Before the heroes could follow Auteur.io, they had to rescue the stranded passengers of the train. Alanna did not like the "unfiltered" environment of the Desert of Doom, but was impressed by El Diablo's genuine concern for his people. Superman pulled the train to the nearest town and the group then flew to the burn hole and through it to The World of Tomorrow. Alanna and El Diablo protected the people of Metropolis from the demons attacking the city,[2] while Superman, Batman and Robin went to Superman's Fortress of Solitude to stop their leader Etrigan. The three eventually stopped the demon invasion, and when the hordes disappeared Alanna and El Diablo shared a victory kiss.

They were each returned to their own realities, but when Alanna got home she found that her father had begun sending the monsters of Rann to the Desert of Doom. Alanna jumped through the hole to help the man she loved protect his world.[3]



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