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Alastor is a time displaced alien who seeks revenge on humans.


An aggrieved man sought revenge for the death of his sister who died on earth. She was the tragic victim of xenophobic extremists who wanted all aliens to leave the planet. The man, Alastor, crafted a weapon which was both horrific and ironic; it was the ultimate punishment he thought. He would change them all into aliens, completely and forever. He would break into the time institute to go back in time to save his sister and release the pathogen. The pathogen would initiate a Hypertaxis-- an evolutionary cataclysm-- by grafting multi-species DNA onto human DNA changing every living being exposed to the airborne virus into a new form of specis and irrevocably alterting the human race on earth.

Legion Lost

The Legion was called in to stop Alastor but their mission was at risk of failure almost immidiately. It took the efforts of a time scientist who sacrificed his life to send Alastor careening through time. He landed in the past and inadvertently released his virus onto the world.


  • Alien Physiology: Alastor is an alien by nature and birth; even so, he had no special abilities until he contracted his own virus.
    • Unique Physiology: Alastor's DNA has now changed to form a hybrid DNA strand consisting of Carggite DNA and his own.
      • Bio-Fission: In this new form, Alastor can create up to three of himself which all have his intelligence and strength.
    • Transformation: When Alastor was first affected by his virus he couldn't control his transformation and would cause a huge amount of mass displacement each time he took his new form.
    • Superhuman Strength: In his new form, Alastor has incredible amounts of strength including enough to hurl oil trucks about.
    • Superhuman Durability: In his new form, Alastor has incredible amounts of durability including taking direct bullets and blasts for his enemies without any visible damage.


  • Unstable Transformation (Formerly)




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