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Alba Garcia was Black Orchid, a member of the Justice League Dark with ties to the Green and the Red.

Alba Garcia was Subject 28 in the so-called "Project Ascencion," the result of which was her connection to both The Red and The Green.

Under codename Black Orchid, she worked for A.R.G.U.S. until Steve Trevor assigned her as a watchdog and agent for the Justice League Dark under John Constantine. Though secretive about her history, she eventually discovered a room within Constantine's House of Mystery in which he had compiled a file on her real identity.

After the disbanding of the original Justice League Dark, Orchid would find out she was branded with a Witchmark of Hecate which allowed the dark goddess to possess her and wield significant magical power. Much to Orchid's distress, Hecate used her body to destroy the Parliament of Trees and replace it with a Parliament of Flowers. Orchid would shortly regain control or her body when the newly formed second Justice League Dark preformed an exorcism on another Witchmark bearer, Wonder Woman. Orchid would join forces with the Justice League Dark and other victims of Hecate when they were summoned by Circe to battle the Hecate controlled Wonder Woman, but Diana manged to regain control of herself and defeat the goddess before the group was forced to kill her. Afterwards Orchid would join the magical refugees in the Oblivion Bar and stuck with them as they fled from the Otherkind and Lords of Order until the later were defeated by the Justice League Dark.

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