Albart-Son-Of-Yarrow of Ancinor was the first chronist of the Atlantis Chronicles.

Although King Orin gave him the official book with blank pages, Albart promises himself that his writings will be honest and clear. His texts always showed Orin as a musclehead and a not very clever King instead of his brother Shalako, who in his own words, was "the true hero".

Shortly after the Great Deluge and sinking of Poseidonis, Albart committed suicide. His body was found by his nephew Britton with a note saying "i have to see the sun again". When Britton became the second official chronist, he asked the King for permission to destroy and rewrite Albart's chronicles because he didn't believe in Shalako and also disliked the way Albart refered to King Orin. Nevertheless, Orin refused Britton's petition.



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