Albert Davis was a Star City businessman who caused a demon attack on the city.

A Star City millionaire who donated to numerous museums, Albert Davis had a seemingly perfect life. But then his wife and two children were assaulted and killed by a car-jacker, and his world fell to pieces. He left Star City and travelled the world for a time, eventually returning with a plan to keep everyone safe from all crime. Hiring the Riddler to obtain certain occult artifacts and to create a diversion, Davis was able to complete a ritual that summoned a demonic army of peace-keepers that would prevent crime. Unfortunately, the justice meted out by these demons was brutal, instant death for even the most minor offense, and Star City began to truly suffer. The only way to stop the demonic horde was for the summoner to die, a fact that Davis calmly accepted. He begged Green Arrow to kill him, but was actually felled by an arrow shot by Mia Dearden, an act which rid the city of the demons but left Mia shell-shocked.




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