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Albert Desmond is Doctor Alchemy, a genius chemist who uses the Philosopher's Stone to commit crimes and battle the Flash.

Originally a gifted chemist and colleague of Barry Allen, Albert Desmond turned to a life of crime after discovering the Philosopher's Stone, an ancient artifact that gave him the power to chemically transmute the elements. Under the moniker of Doctor Alchemy, Desmond battled the Flash and terrorized Central City as a member of the Rogues. The Flash defeated Alchemy several times over the years, usually by taking the Stone from him.[1]

Desmond was one of many villains to join the Secret Society of Super-Villains during the Crime Syndicate's invasion and subsequent rule of Earth. After the Syndicate was defeated by the Justice League, the Society's power weakened. Alchemy met with several other Society members in a building where they plotted to defeat the League, although as they discussed their plans, the team themselves arrived and arrested them.[2] Sometime later, Desmond was arrested by Superman alongside Murmur.[3]



  • Chemistry: Desmond was a brilliant chemist who used his knowledge of the elements to more effectively make use of the Philosopher's Stone.[1]




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