Albert Höllerer was a past avatar of the Green.

Albert Höllerer was a German airplane pilot who fought in World War II and was shot down over a bog in 1942. In the wake of his death in which he was burned alive, he became the Swamp Thing of that era. After wandering the world for more than a decade, he found his way to the Parliament of Trees in 1954 in the Amazon Rainforest and rooted himself in the Earth. Höllerer brought a small toy plane with him as the only reminder of his past life, which was observed decades later by the next Swamp Thing, Alec Holland.[1]

  • Albert Höllerer's origins is loosely based on the Heap, a Golden Age monster with strong similarities to both the Swamp Thing and Marvel's Man-Thing. The Heap was formerly Baron Eric von Emmelman, a World War One flying ace, and his first appearance was in Hillman's Air Fighters Comics #3 (1942).



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