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Quote1.png What do you want, pig? Comin' in here, eyeballin' me. You think you can police me?! Nobody polices the Goliath! Quote2.png
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Albert King, also known as The Goliath was one of the five people infected with the Joker's blood who didn't get treated in time, which caused the blood to gestate too long and turn them into the Joker. King displays Joker's inherent violence and lack of empathy.

King was Gotham City's premiere heavyweight boxing champion, earning his moniker "The Goliath" for his unstoppable strength in the ring. He received a blood transfusion for unspecified reasons, becoming tainted with Joker's blood. Batman tracked him down along with the other victims, locking him up in the basement of Panessa Studios where Robin was researching a cure.

Harley Quinn broke into the studios, liberating King and the other "new Jokers". King was sequestered away in one of the studio sound stages, but refused to hide. He planned to face Batman and Robin in a two-on-one bout to determine who was strongest and decide the ultimate champion of the city. Though he put up a fight, he proved no match for Batman and Robin's tag-team tactics. They dragged him back to the holding cells.

Unfortunately, one of the infected victims, Henry Adams, had been deceiving them by displaying no outward symptoms of change. In a fit of insanity, he executed King along with the others.


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder; Upon infection, King became murderously violent. He even put three members of his immediate family in the hospital after ripping off their arms. He longs to fight Batman, to settle the score.



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