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Albert Lim was a citizen of the Gem Cities.

During a fight between Captain Cold and the Flash, the ferry that Albert was aboard was torn apart. The section that Albert was on was accidentally thrown into the Speed Force. He, along with Marissa Rennie, Floyd Gomez and Iris West remained in the Speed Force for several months.[1]

The four were eventually rescued and returned to Earth by the Flash.[2] All four were gifted, in some way, with Speed Force powers.[3]

Soon afterwards, Albert adopted the name Turbo Charger and Floyd Gomez adopted the name Sprint. Their initial foray into the super-hero arena, an attempt to capture Trickster, was a failure. Flash suggested to them that they cease their efforts.[3]

Albert was the first of the four to be murdered by the Reverse-Flash.[4]


  • Speed Force Conduit: After getting stuck the Speed Force Dimension - a cosmological space which represents the motion of reality. Albert was changed by the forces energy due to his exposure to it. He gained odd new powers and abilities in the process on top of augmenting any natural skills he might've possessed before making contact with it.[3]
    • Technological Augmentation: Turbochargers main Speed Force derived power was the ability to control process speeds to cause incredibly transformations, namely focusing around mechanical transmutation. Changing and upgrading technology into new, vastly more powerful states.
      • Power Distribution: Through his ability to accelerate the functionality of any electrical device.[1] Albert could use his speed energy to increase its efficacy or power output several fold.
    • Electromagnetism: His body could generate and repurpose electromagnetic dispersal for mainly supportive fashions. Acting as a crucible for his main ability to supercharge and reformat technology.[5]
    • Enhanced Mental Process: Exposure to the force also enhanced his mind, being able to fabricate and construct wondrous technological devices that worked via combination of speed energy and intuition alone.[4]