Albert Nedal was the police chief of St. Roch, Louisiana. It was not his real name; he was formerly a rookie cop from Austin, Texas, but changed his name when he left that state.

The reason was an altercation the rookie and his partner had one day. They spotted Trina Saunders and her thirteen year old daughter Kendra hiking, and his partner wanted to have some... fun... with them. However, young Kendra wouldn't have it, and attacked Nedal, who had drew his gun on her. She wrestled him and made him shoot and kill his partner.[1] Trina never filed a charge for the attempted rape, but Nedal felt the need to escape.

He moved to St. Roch, where he found women easier to subdue. He worked his way up the ranks and found out that Trina and her husband Michael were looking for him.[2] He used small time crook David DeVille to deliver them a telegram to his location, ambushed them and killed them. He used his powers to discreetly sabotage the investigation.[3]

Years later, Kendra came to St. Roch; one of the reasons was to find her parents' killer. She worked closely with Nedal, who decided to keep his enemies close - though he was fairly sure she would eventually recognize him.[2] This closeness led some on the police to suggest he was in love with her,[4] which turned out to be a good enough cover.

When the past caught up to Kendra and she was arrested by the DEO for the murder of the cop, Nedal decided to play his cards - because a trial would no doubt expose him. He infiltrated the DEO motorcade and took over the car in which Kendra was held. He informed her of their shared past, and wanted nothing more than finish what he never got to do when she was 13. However, Hawkgirl had broken out of her handcuffs and attacked him, causing the car to veer off a cliff into a swamp.[2]

Nedal escaped the car and met with Gentleman Ghost, who persuaded him to take revenge on the Hawks by going after their friends. At Stonechat Museum, he shot and killed Jayita Sahir and wounded Officer Isabella. Danny Evans fought back with Isabella's gun, but found himself cornered when he was out of bullets. Hawkman and Hawkgirl intervened, and after Jayita's death, now they both wanted Nedal dead. Kendra managed to persuade Hawkman not to take Nedal's life, which he had at his mercy with a noose already around his neck. Gentleman Ghost wouldn't have it, and threw Nedal off the roof, killing him.[5]



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