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Sgt. Al Pratt is a soldier in the World Army who can grow to enormous size.

Following the alteration of the timeline by Professor Zoom, Earth 2's history was changed and Al Pratt's personal history along with it. On this new Earth 2, Sgt. Al Pratt is a much younger man in contemporary times.

Albert Pratt is a sergeant and he was part of the team transporting an atomic bomb during the Apokolips War. Supergirl was part of the transport but left it to help Superman. As Supergirl left, Parademons attacked the transport and the atomic bomb exploded. Al Pratt was the only survivor and was recruited to the World Army, discovering that he now developed superhuman abilities.

Al Pratt was then sent by the World Army to destroy Grundy but Grundy kept regenerating. Green Lantern removed Grundy from the Earth, effectively stopping him. Later, Al was sent with Sonia Sato and Sandman to capture Jay Garrick, but Jay and his mother escaped with the help of Khalid Ben-Hassin.

Al's next appearance was in Dherain's inland steppes with Sandman and Red Arrow to deal with the parademon forces protecting its borders. They were soon joined by the Wonders of the World as they engaged in battle with the Hunger Dogs: Bedlam, Beguiler, and Brutaal. Bedlam forced Al to attack his allies before being brought down by Brutaal.

After Brutaal revealed himself to be a Superman clone and brought on a destructive rampage throughout the world, Al helped Wesley evacuate as many World Army soldiers from their outposts as they could by buying him some time to keep the portals open, but eventually the clone severed Al's right arm with his heat vision and used it to fell him to the ground before flying off.

Al spent most of his time in a medically induced coma, and was awakened to preform one last mission. Using his size altering abilities he was dropped down a small hole and expanded to create an underground cavern to house the last remaining survivors of Earth 2, at the expense of his own life. As a token of gratitude, the people of Earth 2 named it Atom's Haven.

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