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Al Pratt operated as the "mystery man" called the Atom during World War II as a member of the Justice Society of America.

Sometime after the war, Pratt was summoned by aspiring politician Tex Thompson for testing for a suitable candidate for his "superhero for the atomic age" project, but was rejected due to the nature of his atomically-enhanced abilities, which in secret would have poisoned the brain of Adolf Hitler, which was eventually transplanted into the body of Daniel Dunbar, the test subject that became Dynaman. Nevertheless, Pratt was hired on as a recruitment office worker for Thompson's Federal Bureau of Superheroes, reluctantly allowing Johnny Thunder to join in the work of promoting Thompson's campaign.

At a rally in Washington, D.C. in 1950 where all costumed superheroes were to appear by Presidential decree to show their loyalty, Joan Dale (Miss America) publicly exposed Tex Thompson as being the Ultra-Humanite and attempted to also expose Dynaman as being Adolf Hitler in Daniel Dunbar's body when the Ultra-Humanite had Robert Crane (Robotman) silence her by murdering her in public. Rex Tyler (Hourman) took over for Joan Dale in the exposure of both Thompson and Dunbar, causing Dynaman to show his true colors and to attack the various superheroes present. Al Pratt, who was duped into believing he was fighting for a good cause, found himself fighting against Tyler, who helped him see the truth behind Thompson's deception long enough to give his fellow Justice Society member a hand in fighting Dynaman.

Years later, after Thompson and Dynaman were killed, retired "mystery man" Johnny Chambers (Johnny Quick) noted Pratt's change in attitude that suggested that he may have "learned something from his mistake".


  • Superhuman Strength: The Atom had atomically-enhanced superhuman strength, usually used in the form of his "atomic punches"




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